Christmas with Jeffrey                                                                             October 2, 2011

  It was Christmas time in LA and Jeffrey had returned back from Vietnam. He looked tired and thin for he had just spent at least 3 weeks or more in South East Asia. He had a lot of stories to tell. Christmas at our Mom’s house was a festive time for our Mom would decorate the house and had invited the whole familia. My brother had an obsession with war history. Even though it was Christmas Jeffrey decided to transform the house into a situation room. War Videos like Apocalypse Now and Full Metal Jacket came out of his suitcase and ended up on the coffee table. He also had Jimi Hendrix bootleg cassette tapes that he had picked up in Saigon along with some photos of Vietnamese friends he had met there. He hung a Japanese flag in the patio of the Rising Sun and put on his Colonel Kurtz helmet and began to play music for us. Hendrix, NWA, William Burroughs and Led Zeppelin played and he began to tell us stories of his adventures in Cambodia. Mom shouted “Turn that music off!” “That’s not Christmas music!” “Put some Christmas music on!”

After a few hours he had satisfied his need to upset the order he gave in to Mom and the Christmas music came on. Jeffrey and I decided to walk up the road to Tower Records we needed more ammunition for the later evening’s entertainment then after to the book store on Sunset Book Soup. Jeffrey was a unique person he enjoyed doing things differently. He loved traveling to exotic places and loved to stir things up in a conversation. I think that is what I miss most about my brother is the adventures he would take me on when I was hanging out with him, the places we would travel in our minds. My brother truly inspired me and I would not be doing what I do today without the true gifts he gave me. He shared his experiences with me and gave me his music to listen too. At the time I did not know how precious those days were but when I look back in time I am truly grateful to have had a brother so special like Jeffrey.  You’re with me always in spirit and Love.

Your sister

Jacqui Pierce